A Lil About Me

The aim of this blog is to chronicle my journey from an amateur photographer to a professional. My triumphs and failures are to be put on display here. I want to learn from my mistakes and grow from them. I want to look at my best work and do even better.

My first semester at Long Beach City College went well. I got A’s in all of my classes– Black & White Photography class, Color class and Art: Color and Composition. This semester, I am taking three photography classes– Portraiture, Studio Lighting, and Marketing. So far it’s been a challenge and I’m loving it!

I like to find beauty and art in the everyday. Everything deserves to be viewed from a unique perspective– referring to life, clothes, people, places or anything. Finding the unique and special in the boring and plain is what I’m all about!

I’ve been in love with photography for about seven years. What I love about it is its combination of problem solving and cause and effect. The way you move the subject in correlation to the light can have a vastly different outcome. I really find a joy with working with colors and light. As much as color can give a connotation of mood, lighting can do just as much. Dynamic lighting can add a lot to an image and finding that right combination is what excites me!

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